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What is this blog about?


Hello and welcome to yet another D&D blog. Well… not just Dungeons and Dragons. I like other games too, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I am Matt and I plan for this blog to be three things: A Retrospective, A Map Archive, and A General RPG Blog.

A retrospective review of table top RPG sessions I run

Currently, I am running a campaign using the pre-made adventure Curse of Strahd with the 5th edition D&D rules for a few friends of mine on Roll20. We play every other week, so I have plenty of time to think about the game between sessions. Less than a week after every session, I think of things I wish I did differently or better. Many times, I will forget something “important” that I had planned for.

The main purpose for this blog is for me to write down what I did, what I wish I did and what I think I could do better. My hope is that if I spend the time writing things down, I get let go of what I DIDN’T do and focus on what I WILL do in the future.

Since I play and run games other than a 5th edition romp into Barovia, I will likely post about them too.

For my players: If you are reading this blog, keep in mind that there may be spoiler sections. I trust you’re all adults and don’t want things spoiled for you or your fellow players.

A place to post some of the maps I draw

I draw maps for my RPG’s. Most of my players don’t know this because I am using Roll20’s Curse of Strahd module… and the other games I run don’t typically need the maps. I am, however, slowly creating a home-brew setting and maps are quite useful for that.

I make them in roughly the same style as Dyson’s Dodecahedron. And plan to post some on here as I develop my style.

Somewhere to post my thoughts on table top games

I play RPG’s other than D&D. In fact, it’s not my favorite to run (I love Dread). So, I will occasionally post some things about other games. Some of these posts will be general (applicable to the hobby as a whole) and some will be very specific.

With one of my players obsessed with all information about 2nd edition Pathfinder as if it was the coming chosen messiah that will save all RPGs from the depths of Baator, I will eventually post about that system too.

Author: Matt

I am a relatively new GM who has been running table top RPG's for about four years. I've played a few games before that, but have now run more sessions than I've played. The more I play, the more I find I like the narrative that arises from play more than the mechanics of a game.

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